Jarrett Indoor Plant Hire
  • Wire suspended planters with mixed plants
  • Dwarf sanseveria in white planters
  • Black Square Planters with lime Pothos
  • Framed vertical wall with black planters and trailing pothos
  • Framed vertical wall with black planters and trailing pothos
  • Corner Unit - Lime Planters
  • Corner Unit - Red Planters
  • Corner Unit - Violet Planters
  • White round planters in parallel vertical wall
  • White planters with Aglaonema red fire
  • Vertical wall with white planters used as screen
  • Vertical wall used to hide a concrete column
  • White frame and planters with dwarf sansveria
  • Staggered white round planters
  • Staggered round planters with feature lime center
  • Staggered mixed round planters

Jarrett Indoor Plant Hire specialise in vertical gardening.

Do you have limited space, a corner that looks plain and empty or a structural pillar that is an eyesore? 
Are you looking for something with flair? 
Vertical walls look sensational and can be used as a feature in your office environment.

Trailing plants can grow to cover the entire vertical wall providing a screen of thick lush growth. Whilst not only providing a beautiful aesthetic appearance, vertical walls also improve the indoor air quality and create a more productive work environment.

Jarrett Indoor Plant Hire will ensure that your vertical wall is maintained to peak condition and always looks its best.