Saturday 3rd Feb
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(dracaena marginata)

Common name
red edged dragon tree

Another of the useful Dracaena species.

Slow growing plant with strap-shaped rich glossy dark green foliage with a striking deep red edge, on greyish erect canes. This is a member of the very useful Dracaena family of plants. These are several varieties that vary mainly on the amount of markings on their leaves.

Multi planted pots may be used in floor tubs by themselves. Smaller plants can be used as table tops. Sculptured 'Marginatas' can be very effective if sculptured forms are used. (Where the canes are bent during growing to form interesting shapes.) Position againsted a blank wall, esuntuates the sculptured plant.

Small, Medium, Large

Light requirement
medium - high

Other varietes
dracaena tricolor - cultivar with green, cream and pink striped foliage dracaena 'deremensis'
dracaena deremensis - dracaena deremensis