Saturday 3rd Feb
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(dracaena deremensis)

Common name
dragon tree

This is a member of the very useful Dracaena family of plants. These are several varieties that vary mainly on the amount of markings on their leaves. The foliage is long and strap like with tough, grey/green leaves with a cream strip through the middle.

Held on strong canes up to 3 meters (10ft) in height. Multi planted pots may be used in floor tubs by themselves. Smaller plants can be used as table tops. Adds colour in mini gardens.
Flowers do not appear on young plants but mature plants may occasionally bear large panicles of white flowers in summer.

Small, Medium, Large

Light requirement
medium - high

Other varietes
dracaena 'tricolor' - cultivar with green, cream and pink striped foliage
dracaena marginata