Jarrett Indoor Plant Hire
  • Custom red taper with yucca
  • Black taper with golden cane
  • Black taper with ficus longefolia
  • Charcoal taper with spathiphyllum
  • Black taper with happy
  • White tapers with ficus lo
  • Custom red taper with yucca
  • Custom red taper with yucca
  • Custom red taper with yucca
  • Custom red taper with yucca

Square Tapered Planters

The square tapered planter is manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic, or more commonly known fibreglass. It is lightweight yet very strong and is a very versatile material which can be used for interior and exterior planting. Fibreglass planters are the preferred planters to use indoors as they are totally sealed and guaranteed not to leak. Fibreglass can be colour matched to suit your decor and also be refurbished to look new again. Fibreglass is an extremely versatile material as it is strong, watertight, light weight and tough.

The geometric design of this planter suits the clean lines of any contemporary architecture design office space or foyer.


medium (35 x 35 x 56)
large (42x 42 x 76)
all measurements are Width x Depth x Height in centemetres

Colour range

Black Charcoal White
Colour matching available